Cadet Track 6 - 11

Open Practice

• 1 – 7 kids on the track at one time
• MIN 6 Years old up to 11.
• 15 minutes £20 per person
• 30 minutes is split into 2 x 15 minutes sessions with a short break in between £25
• This may be booked up to 7 days in advance and only when there are no parties

Junior Cadet Party 6– 11 years old:  

The Junior Cadet Track is a separate dedicated circuit for 6 - 11 year old children. Parties include karting only no food or drinks

Parties are available 7 days a week and are exclusive to your children. Arrival time is 30 mins prior to track time. This allows for registration, fitting children with safety equipment and the safety briefing.

Track times start on the hour. You have 5 karts for an hours use in the basic party. This means it is 10 children maximum. If you wish to add extra children you will need to pay for additional karts. One extra kart is an additional £50. This means if you have 6 karts you will then run to groups of 6 meaning you can have a maximum of 12 children. Maximum amount of children in one party is 16 .
Track time remains 1 Hour as the children will still have the same driving time.

The hour is broken up into 4 sessions meaning each group (Or child) will receive two sessions each. The groups run in between each other meaning they can have a break as it is tiring.

The first group will be finished 15 mins before the hour, so you will have use of the party room from then for 45 mins. This allows you time to feed them and do the cake all together. The room is equipped with one large round table and chairs. There is also a rectangular table to put your food, drinks and presents on.

Cost £295.00

Booking procedure and Time slots

Parties 7 days a week. Parties at weekends get booked up quick.  So phone for availability for weekends. 

Slot Times for weekends are: 
10:00 am Track time (Arrival 9:30 am),
11:00 am Track time (Arrival 10:30 am),
12:00 pm Track time (Arrival 11:30 am),
1:00 pm Track time (Arrival 12:30 pm),
2:00 pm Track time (Arrival 1:30 pm),
3:00 pm Track time (Arrival 2:30 pm),
4:00 pm Track time (Arrival 3:30 pm),
5:00 pm Track time (Arrival 4:30 pm)
Last Party does not receive party room. 
Cost £275.00 for 5pm Party ONLY
 Weekdays anytime.
To book a party we require: Your surname; Mobile number and 
£100 non refundable deposit. 

You will be booked in for the basic party of 10 as you will only need to inform us of extra 

karts on the day. 

so call office on  020 8337 5550

Children's T shirts available in 4 different sizes. S M L XL
£10 Each. 
Parties  ordering at least 7 days in advance and pay only £8 EACH   

Children's Party Food - Ring For Information

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