Covid 19 Information

Reopening 4th July, Book Online today!


Surbiton Raceway are hoping to reopened on Saturday 4th July 2020 in accordance to the Government’s reopening phases in response to COVID-19.

We are sure that you are all just as excited to get back to racing as we are, so we want to let you know what has been happening behind the scenes. During the lockdown period, we have been working with The National Karting Association to ensure the safety of you, our valued customers and our staff.  Our priority is getting open as quickly and safely as possible whilst maintaining the fun racing experience at Surbiton Raceway.  We accept that changes have to be made and whilst we do not have clear guidelines from the government on reopening, we have put the following measures in place:

Social Distancing

Due to current government rules and new laws brought into place we are only allowed to accept bookings for a maximum of 6 people per person. In light of this any duplicate bookings will be non refundable and need to be moved.

*All sessions MUST be pre booked.

*Specific arrival times will be given to you/ your group and should be adhered to, to avoid the overlapping of groups.

*Floor markings will be in place to ensure that you keep a 2m distance from others.  This includes areas where parents/ guardians may wish to watch their children.  This will be clearly labelled for you.

*All briefings will take place outside in a specific area.


*Hand sanitising units can be found throughout the premises.

*All staff will be wearing PPE.

*A cleaning schedule will be in place to ensure that all hand touch surfaces are regularly cleaned, including washrooms, sign in areas and Karts.

*A sanitising area is in place for all overalls and helmets to be placed after use.

*We have invested in a helmet sanitising unit .  This has been developed during the pandemic and has been recommended by The National Karting Association.

*The purchase of balaclavas and gloves at £3.50 per person is compulsory for all drivers

During this time we will be asking for payments to be pre paid/ paid contactlessly where possible.  As soon as we have more details we will update you.  However, if in the meantime you have any questions for us, please do not hesitate to email or call and we will get back to you as soon as possible.