Grand Prix

Grid Start I Hear You Say?

Grid Start I Hear You Say?

Another exciting individual race we offer is the GP.  As with the Ironman this offers you a format with no one to blame but yourself.
Racing as individuals you must first compete a Qualifying/Practice session. In this session the fastest lap from each driver is used to set the grid for the start of the race….

Once the Grid is set

From the front of the grid you can see the first corner. Your next fastest driver to your left and all your friend and foes behind you. Your gaze shifts to the starting flag awaiting for the race to beginning. Once the flag is dropped its full power to the wheels as the engine revs up. You pull away leaving all other drivers in your wake.

The different race lengths are:

GP30 10 min qualify 20 min race £43
GP40 10 min qualify 30 min race £53
GP50 15 min qualify 35 min race £63

All races are now for a minimum of 7 drivers.

*  A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required to secure the booking