For Groups of 17 people or more

With the Repercharge you are driving as individual drivers, you will have exclusive use of the track, and will all be split up randomly into groups.

Arrival is 30 minutes prior and a £100 deposit is required. Full balance paid on arrival.

The Repercharge includes:

  • Supply of balaclavas, helmets, overalls and gloves. (If cold you may want to bring your own thick gloves.)
  • A Briefing
  • You will then follow the pace kart for 3 laps (until he builds up the speed necessary to start the practice)
  • When the pace kart pulls off your computer clicks in and the Practice/Qualify begins.
  • At the end of Practice/Qualify. Drivers will be sorted into fast and slow finals.
  • Slow final will start first, in fastest lap order from the grid.
  • Winner is the driver who completes most laps.
  • Options are: 10 minutes Practice/Qualify with a 20 minutes race, which including a presentation of trophies  £47 per driver
  • Or 15 minutes Practice/Qualify and 30 minutes Race is £57 per driver

*  A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required to secure the booking