Main Circuit (11+)

Our main all weather circuit track.

Main Track

30 mins£37.00 per person
(This is broken up into 2 x 15 mins with a break in between )
45 mins£52.00 per person
1 Hour£64.00 per person

  • Open Practice – Not Exclusive
  • Arrival 15 minutes prior for driver registry
  • 1-16 drivers on track at one time
  • Individual lap time sheet included for whole session.
  • May be booked up to 7 days in advance at weekends, further ahead for mid week
  • Minimum age 11 years old

Arrive and Drive Session

It is strongly advised to ring and book a session before turning up. As we run exclusive events through out the day. Payment is on the day.

All drivers are required to wear closed toe shoes, and to be sober ( Zero tolerance policy on alcohol and drugs). Management discretion is final!
Included in package;
Supply of balaclavas, helmets, overalls and gloves. (If cold you may want to bring your own thick gloves.)

Ages from 11 and above

Minimum age is 11 for a race event but there is no upper age limit.
Wet weather gear is supplied for when the weather turns, but do not worry… The weather only adds to the fun and drama. Its obviously something else you can blame for not winning as well.